My work is a reaction to my interactions with the various environments I’m subject to on a daily basis. Having grown up in the countryside, arriving in London six years ago was a shock to me in terms of advertising and commodity on such a large scale in my day to day life. I suppose this is why commodity and the references emmbeded within is at the heart of what drives my practice.   

I study and critique the illusionary tactics used by large corporate companies in an effort to make consumers spend more, but also more recently I’ve been looking at the manufacturing of these goods, mostly in the food industry. The neverending cyclic nature of manufacture today is something that has always interested me since I was a child and has now manifested itself in my practice. The way in which the nature of production mirrors that in some ways to the nature of the natural world, these cycles are full of symbiotic and symbiotic relationships. My work is a reaction to this, a way of understanding nature whilst living in a synthetic world whilst trying to find where I fit in this cycle, and hopefully making others question their roles within these natural cycles. Physical elements to my work are mainly rooted in referencing and simulating real life actions whilst mixing references to ‘art’ materials, my work lies somewhere in between the two. It also contains elements of the hyperreal. I have an obsession with textures and finishings, it’s really what drives my visualisation and making process. My works are an assembly of both precise making with motifs and fixtures normally found in hardware and DIY shops, I like to think my works could look like they have come off of a production line. My work often comes from a fairly instinctual place, ideas often manifest themselves in the work after it has been conceived, it allows me to connect my unconscious thoughts to my conscious reality. 

Recently my contextual work researching history and science has been the driving force in my practice. Most notably studying the history of the relationship between the Sciences and the Arts, and what that relationship means in a sociopolitical sense. How that relationship has aided in both the furthering and destruction of society all over the globe over time.